Discover a proven path to better health, more wealth, and deeply fulfilling relationships

Conquer Fear, Find Hope, and Manifest Your Dream Life

Discover a proven path to better, health, more wealth & create the life of your dreams

For the first time ever, Danette May is finally pulling back the curtain to reveal her proven method to creating better health, more wealth, and deeply fulfilling relationships for a truly abundant life.

Previously available only to Danette’s VIP clients at $2,997, this special invitation to join her signature manifesting program (at a ridiculously generous price) is NOW OPEN exclusively for all program participants.

Does it ever feel like you’re doing everything right… but life keeps turning out wrong?

“I followed all of the experts, but my health isn’t where I want it to be.”
“I hustle more than anybody I know. Why don’t I make more money?“
“I work so hard for my goals, but it still feels like I’ve fallen behind in life.”

Sound familiar?

If you answered a resounding YES to any of the above, then you are not alone.

In today’s fast-paced world, there’s wealth and abundance like never before.

The question is no longer whether you can be successful, but how much you want to be.

There’s an infinite array of possibilities to get there.

And so many of us work ourselves to the bone, trying to make sure we do.

But it just feels like, no matter how much you hustle… something always seems to be holding you back:

  • Maybe you’re looking at your vision board every day, but your reality stays the same.
  • Maybe you’re trying every strategy under the sun, but your results are stagnant at best.
  • Maybe you know what you want and act on it tirelessly—but your life is nowhere close to where you want it to be.

And the whole time, at the back of your mind, there’s a scary thought that just won’t go away:

“Maybe I’m not cut out for this.”

“Maybe I’m not meant for something more.”

“Maybe I’m just broken, and I just need to accept that.”

I know exactly what that feels like, because I was there, too. But after going from a devastating divorce, raising 2 young girls broke and alone, with $47.63 to my name while sleeping on a mattress on the floor...

… to now owning multiple 8-figure businesses, marrying the love of my life, and becoming America’s leading healthy lifestyle expert… Here’s the real deal that many gurus won’t tell you:

The truth is, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.

You’re simply a product of being human.

In society today, most of us have been taught to believe that everything works in a linear fashion.

If you do X, then you get Y.

If you work hard, then you get results.

But the problem is, life and the universe just don’t work that way.

And if you want extraordinary results, then you need an extraordinary approach.

Do This One Thing to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

Let me ask you a question:

Have you ever encountered someone who seems to have it easier than you do… even if you’re both doing the work?

Did you ever wonder why you can’t seem to catch a break… when so many other people seem to get lucky without even trying?

I’ll let you in on a little secret:

The universe doesn’t work in a linear fashion like the rest of us humans do.

In fact, it requires us to do circular thinking on our parts, so that it can deliver us the abundance we’re looking for.

Let me explain:

Simply put, when it comes to manifesting the life we deserve, everything we want is already around us.

Everything you’re seeking—from your wildest dreams to the deepest desires of your heart—are already within your grasp.

The problem is, you’ve been conditioned to not pay attention to them.

And thinking in a circular fashion is the first step towards breaking that cycle, because it’s also how the universe operates.

So what’s the difference between two people then, who both work equally hard… only for just one of them to get incredible results?

Spoiler alert: it isn’t how much they work.

It’s what’s motivating them, underneath the surface, that counts.

So many people hustle from a place of scarcity. They have big dreams and they work hard, but they only do so because they’re afraid that everything is running out:

  • They feel as if they’re always running out of time
  • They act as if there’s only a limited number of options
  • They work as if the opportunities they have are the only ones they’ll ever get

When we operate from this space of scarcity, we tend to rely on linear thinking because it’s predictable. Because it’s safe.

To adopt circular thinking, then, is to change the intention behind our actions.

When we’re able to do that, that’s when we can finally start practicing inspired action:

  • It’s the type of action where we show up everyday from a place of abundance.
  • It’s the type of intention where we firmly believe that success is right around the corner.
  • It’s the type of manifestation where the possibilities are endless, and we make every one of them come true.

Through inspired action, we’re no longer working against the universe, but partnering with it.

You must believe that everything is possible, then act everyday in alignment with this truth.

When you do that, not only will you get closer to the life of your dreams…

But you will manifest it—into your present reality, and beyond.

So if you’re done working hard with nothing to show for it…

If you’re tired of hustling everyday with no results to back them up…

And if you’re ready to walk the proven path to better health, more wealth, and fulfilling relationships...

Then this special invitation is for you.

But before I tell you exactly how to accept this unique opportunity, let me share my own story of how I manifested my current, abundant reality.

How I Created My Dream Life Through Manifestation

At this point, you’re already familiar with the moment I hit rock bottom early on in life: I was divorced, I was broke, and I was raising 2 young daughters with only $47.63 to my name.

I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor, and I was left all alone in my grief.

After having lost my son during childbirth, and my “dream life” in the blink of an eye, it all felt like too much. Especially before even turning 30.

But after months of unimaginable pain, I finally felt a nudge within—calling me to rise up beyond my situation.

You know by now that this was when I started learning the power of the mind… and how I eventually attracted my own soul-contract connection, and now-husband, Craig.

But what you don’t know yet are all of the impossibly incredible ways this mental shift affected every other aspect of my life, too.

When Craig and I got together, things were going really good. I got back into my groove, became even more active in the fitness space, and helped everyone I could, from my friends to my family.

Business was doing okay. Financially, we were doing okay. But Craig and I wanted more.

One day, he and I were taking our daily walk along the river. We took a picture of this specific house we had walked by several times before.

This house was our dream house: right there along the bank, with a gorgeous view of the water, an enviable jacuzzi, and everything I wanted in my own home.

I realized then that if I ever wanted to afford a place like that, I had to make a LOT more money than I was at that time… and that’s when it hit me:


Why not create a free fitness DVD that could help thousands of women like me, and only have them pay for shipping?

Nobody at that time was doing DVDs . And my own team wasn’t even sure if it could work.

But I had a hunch about this specific idea, and we went straight to filming it for production.

The thing was, we had no money to actually produce it. So Craig and I decided to do it on our own, and found a 3-day rental to shoot the entire DVD.

I was excited about this idea, and I was ready to make it happen: I worked out like crazy before the shoot, I had all of the routines lined up, and Craig and I were ready to spend a precious $150 per day to shoot all our content.

When the owners of the rental found out, they kicked us out of the listing. They didn’t want any possible legal issues that could arise as a result of us shooting at their location.

At first, I was devastated. I was already at my limit having prepared physically and mentally for days right before the shoot.

We could’ve given up. We could’ve packed our bags, gotten our deposit back, and considered this as an omen that we shouldn’t push through.

But then, I remembered the power of the mind, even at that moment. Instead of giving up, I decided to treat this setback as a blessing. I considered it a message from the universe that it had a better thing in-store.

Lo and behold, Craig decides to call up our real estate agent. He asked if there were any homes available on such short notice.

And the only house available... the only house near us, willing to do a shoot on such short notice, that just went up on the market… was that house we saw on the river.

I still get goosebumps thinking about it.

We were able to film the entire production, get our DVD ready on time, and even got to enjoy the hot tub during our breaks, to see what it would feel like to really live there.


We went on to sell over six hundred thousand units of that DVD alone, and made millions of dollars in revenue as a result.

Today, I live in my very own dream home that’s even more incredible than that house along the river.

And that experience was just one of thousands, big and small, that showed me the true power of taking inspired action at any given moment.

And how manifesting my dream life wasn’t just about believing it was possible…

But acting as if it were already here.

And now, I can proudly say that my dream life is my current reality: from being married to my own soulmate, owning multiple 8-figure businesses, incredible wealth and health, to amazing friends, and a thriving family.

Everything I once prayed for is now in existence.

And if I could manifest it…

If my VIP students could manifest it…

And if the thousands of people I’ve helped could manifest it…

Then you can, too.

How the Manifest Anything Program Works

Over the course of 24 days, I will personally guide you on a journey to apply inspired action in your own life through your mind, body, and soul.

In this way, we’re empowering you to be fully embodied in your work, as you show up everyday to bridge the gap between the dreams living in your heart, and the reality you’re currently creating.

Every week, you will unlock new videos from me, along with daily activities to do. Remember that is NOT your typical manifestation program, because you will take physical action on top of your mind work and soul work.


Phase 1

In Phase 1, I’ll be helping you remember your ability to manifest. Everybody has this power—they just need to be reminded of it by bringing abundance back into their awareness, for any area of life they desire. You will learn the essence of being disciplined, committed, and radical.

During this time, we are going to focus on:

  • Clearing out the cobwebs of your soul
  • Using healing foods to release toxins and cleanse our being
  • Being impeccable with our internal dialogue
  • The power of self-love
  • And taking time to journal what you truly choose

Phase 2

In Phase 2, we’ll be diving deep into self-love. By expanding your awareness and honing your self-care practice, you’ll be able to learn how to capture the right opportunities that come your way at the right time, so you can use them as the building blocks to your dreams.

During this time, we are going to focus on:

  • Practicing radical self-love
  • Expanding your sense of awareness
  • Seizing the right opportunities
  • Clearing out past trauma
  • Navigating your current relationships
  • Inner child meditations
  • Mirror meditations
  • Forgiveness exercises
  • Journaling exercises

This phase will be a game changer for you.


Phase 3

In Phase 3, you'll discover the steps on how to become a frequency match for calling in your dream. Just like attracting your soulmate, manifesting your dream life will require you to raise the vibrations of your energy in order to be a living, breathing magnet for your ideal reality.

During this time, we are going to focus on:

  • Manifesting visualization meditations
  • Implementing healing foods
  • Using your mind to create your energy
  • Journaling for manifestation

As a Bonus, you’ll also be able to unlock Phase 4 of my signature program as my gift for enrolling today.


Phase 4

In Phase 4, you’ll be stepping into your ideal reality faster than you thought possible. This phase should be saved for last, and can only be earned by committing to the previous 3 phases.

You’ll be accessing an ancient, powerful meditation that will empower you to deeply embody that abundant manifestation mindset, previously available only to my VIP students.

What You Will Get In This Program:


3 Coaching Videos Divided Into 3 Phases

Each phase is designed to raise your energy field, rewire your beliefs around worthiness and abundance, and get your daily habits aligned in order to call in your dream life.

($399 Value)

3 Transformational Audio Meditations

These meditations will move you towards healing from past trauma, and empower you to deepen your self-love practice. Listen to these to rewire your subconscious beliefs, and watch yourself transform with just 5-10 minutes every single day.

($149 Value)

A Follow-Along Workout For Any Fitness Level

You’ll get access to my follow-along workout video to ground your manifestation practice within your body. This will engage your physicality and movement in order to use your body as a vessel for attracting the right energy.

($99 Value)

A Full Magnetizing Meal Plan

Get my step-by-step meal plan to activate your healing, release your negative energy, and make you absolutely magnetic to your ideal reality. Includes recipes and a food-swap guide.

($49 Value)

Daily Manifesting Journal Print-Out Prompts

These prompts will encourage you to process your beliefs, get clear on your ideal life, and make them more tangible through mental exercises and deep reflection.

($49 Value)

And that's not all! As your gift for enrolling today, you’ll also unlock Phase 4 of my signature program as a BONUS:


Phase 4: Extraordinary Accelerator Manifesting Audio

This meditation is extremely powerful and should only be used if you are truly ready to take your manifestation practice to the next level. This audio puts you in a deep meditative state where you’re actually seeing yourself in your dream life.

($297 Value)
Total Value


As you can see, the total value of this program is $1,042.

But you won’t be paying anywhere near that, even if my own VIP students have.

🎁 For a Limited Time, the Manifest Anything Program Will Only Be $249


Here’s the truth: I firmly believe that we could create a massive, positive shift in humanity if more and more people got to realize the full potential of their lives

And making this program available at such a generous price will help me on my mission to help as many people as possible to manifest their ideal realities.

To be honest with you, I didn’t have to make this program.

I wanted to.

Simply put, while I do already have everything in life I could want...

...I also know that an important aspect of abundant living is sharing your blessings as much as possible.

And that by creating abundance for others, we attract even more abundance for ourselves.

So when you accept my invite to join the Manifest Anything program, you’re helping spread that abundance around, while creating your very own dream life in return.

And if that’s not a win-win-win situation, I don’t know what is.

What Leading Figures Have Said About Danette May


The very first conversation I had with Danette May completely changed my business

“My relationship to my husband who is also my business partner, and my life. I completely transformed my role in business. I stopped doing things that I thought I had to do, which were slowing us down. I got fully into my zone of genius. My husband stepped into his and our relationship and our business were taken to the next level. I am so very grateful for Danette’s deep wisdom about business and relationships and specifically relationships IN business in my life.”

Grace Smith
World Renowned Hypnotherapist

Danette has literally changed my life

“I’ve heard if you want to be successful, find someone who is already doing it and do what they do. Danette generously shares from her heart what she has done to find optimal health in her body, mind and spirit, and coaches us to find belief in the end of our stories! I have found the self-love I deserve; the belief in myself, by understanding that the words we speak are who we are becoming; along with healthy foods and exercises and movements that serve me... She is the real deal.”

Tracy Hermes
#1 best selling Children's book author

I have had amazing results working with Danette.

“I have healed from a lot of sexual trauma I had, which has deepened my intimate relationships and the relationship I have with myself. She is a healer and is connected to a lot of healers, who make her coaching and her retreats one of a kind and deeply transformational. The work she does is deep, helps you forgive and makes you feel completely free and expansive. If you can work with Danette or attend one of her retreats, do it! You won't regret it. ”

Nayri Geary

If you want to be next:

A Unique Take on Manifesting That Most Programs Never Do

The Manifest Anything program is NOT about simply thinking happy thoughts and staring at your vision board.

It’s about taking inspired action in full alignment with what your spirit is calling you to do.

Some manifestation programs would have you simply write things out and be very tactics-oriented with their content.

But writing things down is just one piece of a larger and more powerful puzzle.

You need to bring your dreams to life by engaging your senses with guided meditations, and detailed visualizations.

When you encounter a manifestation program that has these components, then you can expect to be in good hands.

The great news is, the Manifest Anything program has all of these elements.

But the BETTER news is, we’ve decided to take it a step further.

Most manifestation programs will have you embodying your dream life by doing mental work (like journal prompts) and soul work (like visualizations or meditations).

But the fact of the matter is, you can’t embody your dream life using just your mind, and your spirit.

When it comes to TRUE manifestation… when it comes to REAL embodiment...

You have to step into your new, infinite reality using your BODY, too.

Think about it: you’re a fluid, flesh-and-blood, physical being.

With every move you make, you’re attracting the energy you want to receive.

With each food you intake, you’re activating the power of your cells in real-time.

By adding the missing piece of the puzzle in your embodiment practice—through movement and nutrition—we’re basically locking in every important aspect of your being so that you can hit your prime energy level.

And how you respond to your body is a surefire way to let the universe know that you’re worthy of this blessing, and that you’re worthy of this dream.

By covering all bases, you can be sure that you’re taking intentional, inspired action towards your dream life every single day.

(And if you don’t feel “worthy” or “deserving” yet, it’s okay. The program is designed to help you retrain your subconscious mind to a more abundant state. By the end of this program, you’ll believe that you are more than worthy—without a shadow of a doubt.)

All of this is not even including the fact that coaching support will be present throughout the program to ensure that the scientific aspect of this process will be taken care of, too.

So when you really think about it, only one question remains...

What’re you waiting for?

If you’ve ever considered learning how to manifest, then this program is it.

And if you’ve ever considered enrolling in one, then the time is now.

A 360º Approach to Manifesting Your Dream Life Today

There’s a misconception that I encounter a lot when my students are first starting out.

Whether they’re new to the concept of manifesting, or have had a lot of success with only a few blockers left…

Whether they’re just starting out in their careers, or are the CEOs of their own prosperous companies…

Or even when they’re friends near and dear to my heart, or are my high-level coaching clients who’ve paid thousands of dollars to work with me…

Many of them truly start out with the firm belief that success will only be made available to them in a linear progression.

I can’t tell you how many times a new client has come up to me saying,

“I’m doing everything right, Danette. I followed all the rules. How come this hasn’t happened for me yet? What step am I missing?”

Each time, I always have offer the same analogy:

Sometimes, many of us tend to act like horses with blinders:

We walk around in life saying, “I want this thing, and this thing, and that thing!”… and if it’s not right in front of us, we just assume wholeheartedly that it’s never coming.

We’re so intent on just looking straight ahead… so married to the idea that life is a straightforward process…

When really: life, the universe, and abundance, are anything but.

Usually, the thing we want most in the world is right by our side. We just need to take the blinders off and see it for what it is… so we can reward its presence in our lives, with some inspired action in return.

Like I said earlier, this linear approach is absolutely not anyone’s fault: in society today, we grew up forming orderly lines in school; shopping at groceries with neat, succeeding rows; and even driving roads that were created to be as straight as possible!

We live in a world where organization and linear progression are the name of the game. So to imagine something different doesn’t just feel unfamiliar… it can sometimes seem downright unnatural.

Which is why, when it comes to manifesting abundance in every aspect of your life…

When it comes to attracting the reality of your dreams…

You absolutely must have a 360º view of things.

And you need to practice that intentionally.

It’s the only way to take the blinders off. It’s the only way to tap into that missing dimension we’ve all been searching for… so that we can all create the happiness we deserve.

The Manifest Anything program is one of the first of its kind that deliberately applies this holistic approach. Using your mind, soul, and body. My coaching videos & unique tools will be guiding you along throughout your journey, as you slowly uncover the truth of what real embodiment entails.

That’s why, today, I’m inviting you to take this journey with me. It’s time to see the truth… so you can fully step into your power, and create your ideal reality with an abundant universe.

What My Students Are Saying The Manifest Anything Program

My signature courses have been transforming the lives of people all over the world

What You Will Get in the Program:

  • 3 Coaching Videos Divided Into 3 Phases ($399 Value)
  • 3 Transformational Audio Meditations ($147 Value)
  • Follow-Along Workout Video for Any Fitness Level ($99 Value)
  • Full Magnetizing Meal Plan ($49 Value)
  • Daily Manifesting Journal Print-Out Prompts ($49 Value)
  • BONUS: Phase 4 - Extraordinary Accelerator Manifesting Audio ($297 Value)

Join the Manifest Anything Program Today for Only


🎁 $249

It’s Time to Finally Create the Life You Deserve


I know you were tired of mediocre love, and I’m glad you completed the program. It’s important to have the right person by your side.

But having an amazing relationship is just the beginning.

Imagine if you could recreate the relationship you have with your soulmate…

And have that kind of unconditional, ever-loving, generous connection… with the universe.

Imagine the abundance you could be experiencing… the life you could be having… the reality you could be creating… if you fully stepped into your power, unapologetically.

Imagine the joy and love and peace you’d feel, every single day, knowing you intentionally manifested the happiness you know you deserved.

When you go through this program with me, imagination will be just the first step.

In a few short weeks…

Just like my students, and even myself before…

With clear eyes, full hearts, and deep commitment…

You would no longer have to imagine.

Because that ideal reality you’re dreaming about?

You’d be living it.

You’d be embodying, breathing it, even, every second of every day.

If you’ve read this far, I know that something is calling you to respond.

I know it’s been hard getting to where you are.

I know you’ve felt stuck, with nowhere to go.

I know you’ve just been wishing, and hoping, and praying, that something will change.

But you don’t have to do just that anymore.

With this program, you can finally take action alongside your faith.

With this program, you can finally step into your power… and manifest the life you truly deserve.

The decision is yours to make, and yours alone.

And remember, when you join me, you’ll be protected by my foolproof guarantee.

So if you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to respond to the calls of your heart…

If you’ve been hoping, and wishing, and praying for a sign from the universe…

Then trust me:

This invitation I’m giving you, right here, right now?

This is it.

All that’s left is for you to take the leap.


You're Protected By My Identity Shift Guarantee

I’m so confident with this program that I back it up with my Identity Shift Guarantee.

Simply put: when you implement everything you’ve learned, I’m certain you’ll experience a massive, positive identity shift in your life. You will physically, mentally and spiritually be vibrating at your highest and purest frequency for true abundance.

However, in the event you somehow feel like the results you seek aren’t reflected in your reality despite taking consistent action from the program, then Iwill refund you your money, no questions asked.

Just send my team an email within 60 days of joining, and I will refund you 100% of your enrollment fee.

The risk is all on me. So you truly have nothing to lose, yet absolutely everything to gain.

It’s time to take the leap. Accept your Manifest Anything invite by clicking the button below.

The days of fear-based, linear thinking are now behind you.

It’s time to manifest the dream life you truly deserve… and finally take action to make it come true.


🎁 $249

What Happens After You Order


Add the Manifest Anything program to your cart using the button below and complete your enrollment on our safe, encrypted checkout.


You will receive your Manifest Anything program access details via the email you used to purchase.


Start the Manifest Anything program and begin your journey to manifesting your dream life.


This answer varies for everyone depending on many different factors. But here are a few reasons why you’ll want to consider taking advantage of this offer:

  • You’ll heal your past wounds and traumas, so you can manifest your dream life from a place of abundance and joy, instead of fear and scarcity…
  • You’ll rewire your subconscious mind, so you can create more empowering beliefs that help you take advantage of every opportunity, and even every obstacle...
  • You’ll discover what non-inflammatory foods to eat to activate your healing and ignite your cells for high-vibrational energy…
  • You’ll be working out to exercises that move your body for inspired action…
  • You’ll unlock the ancient meditation that allowed me and countless students to powerfully create their ideal reality, faster than they thought possible…

Not to mention that you’re completely covered by my 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. So you truly have nothing to lose!

Manifest Anything is not your typical manifestation program. Where most programs would have you doing mind work through journaling, and soul work with meditations, I add a unique element that’s rarely seen in this space: body work.

By taking a 360º approach, I not only support our students from every important angle… but I empower them to literally live and breathe their embodiment practice so they can manifest abundance easily. Instead of focusing on just what’s out there, I ground you with what’s in here. And when you combine that with generous coachin , no stone is left unturned in your manifestation journey, and no student gets left behind.

Great question! The simple answer is to follow the program, and to focus on little bits of progress each day. My program has not only helped several of my own high-level clients, but I’m literally sharing with you the exact methods I personally used to manifest my amazing relationship, 8-figure businesses, thriving family life, and incredible health. And with the way the program is designed, all the thinking has been done for you. All you have to do is show up and do your work!

Are you struggling to manifest your desires? Are you wondering how to use the law of attraction? There are hundreds of books, podcasts, and websites that will tell you to ‘think positive’ and ‘stay in the vortex.’

But if you’re using positive affirmations and reading self-improvement books with no results, it’s time to take a different approach to manifest reality.

Through my manifestation process, you can learn to manifest your destiny and really anything you want. To attract money or manifest love, the process is always the same. My process is completely different than the ‘think positive’ rhetoric you may be familiar with. The key to manifestation is raising your self-worth through subconscious reprogramming, expanding your belief of what is possible, and passing tests in order to lock in that abundant mindset

The old model of manifestation would ask you to create a vision board to manifest your destiny.

Maybe you’ve been repeating the same affirmation hundreds of times a day to manifest happiness and yet nothing is coming through. You’re running in circles, trying to figure out the laws of the universe. I get it, because I’ve been there.

After years of trial and error, I learned that results come when you reprogram your subconscious mind, commit to shadow work, and raise your self-worth. The law of attraction is based on self-worth. And with authentic worth, anything you desire can manifest.

The power of your mind is profound. In fact, your subconscious dictates 100% of your manifestations. You will only be able to call in what you subconsciously believe you are worth.

All of my manifestation workshops are designed to re-program your subconscious mind to manifest your dreams. Through my self-hypnosis technique, you can effectively slow down your brain waves, access your subconscious mind, and reprogram limiting beliefs. This is a process that takes time and repetition, but the work is significantly more effective and sustainable for the long-term.

While I can’t guarantee your results, I can promise that if you take this program seriously, you will experience a massive shift in embodying your ideal life, and actually creating it in your day-to-day reality.

I’ll show you how to modify each exercise so you don’t put any excess strain on sore joints.

Ready to create your dream life?

What You Will Get in the Program:

  • 3 Coaching Videos Divided Into 3 Phases ($399 Value)
  • 3 Transformational Audio Meditations ($147 Value)
  • Follow-Along Workout Video for Any Fitness Level ($99 Value)
  • Full Magnetizing Meal Plan ($49 Value)
  • Daily Manifesting Journal Print-Out Prompts ($49 Value)
  • BONUS: Phase 4 - Extraordinary Accelerator Manifesting Audio ($297 Value)

Join the Manifest Anything Program Today for Only


🎁 $249